Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The war of the spray paints: Krylon VS. Rustoleum

They say that we learn from our mistakes, and today, I hope to pass on some knowledge to you. I wish I would have done some more research before buying my first choice of spray paint. I had a few metal items I wished to spray paint a light ivory, for a shabby chic feel. We have this color of trim on our Victorian style home. My projects consisted of a small birdcage, a metal filigree round stand (that I plan to use as a base for my bird bath), and a metal filigree wall decor piece. I had two bottles of Krylon, and both specified they were appropriate for outdoor or indoor use, and on metal surfaces. The Krylon bottle spattered big drops of drippy paint, bubbled on the surface, and didn't provide good coverage. I had plastic gloves on, but the messiness ended in my hands being covered with the stuff. I tried soap, pumice, nail polish remover, hair spray, lotion, and oil to get it off. I actually had to go to my husband's dental practice and use some heavy duty chemical to get it off.
After that failed attempt, I headed to my local craft store. I was informed, after discussion with an associate, that Krylon was not preferred, and most people (including herself) preferred Rustoleum. I got some and was excited to try it. It was fabulous! It went on evenly, didn't run or drip, and had great coverage. I was able to cover up the mess made by the Krylon, and my projects were saved. So, my advice is to stick with Rustoleum. Krylon makers: you REALLY need to work on your paint formulation and fix that messy nozzle. Seriously....I'm not kidding.

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  1. I have had the opposite problem. American accents have been the worst paint I have ever used. I have used Spraypaint for twenty plus years. Kylon has almost always beet it.