Thursday, October 20, 2011

(Crickets Chirping...)

Sorry for the random silence here on my blog. I got very bogged down working on filling up my vendor space at a local antique store, was preparing (and still am) for an art show this
Sat., and then I ended up in the hospital last week. I had chest pains and went into the ER, where they said my heart rate was too high, so they kept me overnight. It was my first time doing so, and boy was I glad to go home the next day. They found a "lesion" on my adrenal gland, so now I have more tests to take. I am trying to stay positive, and keep myself busy. I am prone to being a worry wart. So, please forgive me for my failed daily post attempt. I hope to resume again soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Entire Ad : Weekly In-Store Specials : Hobby Lobby - Hobby Lobby

Hello crafty peeps! I'm back from vacation, and still drowning in laundry, but I wanted to share the current Hobby Lobby in store specials with you. Once again, you can print a 40% off coupon from their website. I have oodles of clip art to share, as I stocked up on vintage magazines and books while I was up north. I'll stop back in soon to spend some more time with you. Have a fabulous day!

Entire Ad : Weekly In-Store Specials : Hobby Lobby - Hobby Lobby

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pardon my silence...

I am taking a little vacation, and will be away from my computer. I'll be back in about a week...with more clip art! I have new vintage magazines on the way, and plan to do some antique shopping while I am up north. Stay crafty....and see you soon!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Antique lovers clip art

Hello everyone...the storm missed us down here in Florida, but we feel much more prepared now. There's always more one can do to prepare, just like there is always something we can improve upon in our lives. It's important to continuously learn, to practice the skills and talents we have, and to be brave! On that note, if anyone has any fabulous new products or tips you have discovered and would like to be featured on this blog, just drop me an email at:
I'll start the week out with a "flapper" era pic of two lovers. Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pardon my pause...

Man, this hurricane preparedness sure does put a cramp in my creative time. I've been busy making lists shopping, making more lists, doing more shopping, and constantly checking the weather reports. My poor art studio is getting lonely. It now looks like we are out of the "cone of probability" but no one can predict these things with 100% perfection. This is our first hurricane season as home owners, so there has been a lot to plan and learn. So, this is my formal apology for my lack of posting the past few days. My spare time has been minimal. I will soon be back to my regular blog-y goodness with new clip art, reviews, and deals! Thanks for your patience!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My favorite crackle paint medium: Deco Art One Step Crackle

Because I love texture, and the look of antiqued pieces, I am a crackle paint fanatic. In fact, the last time I went shopping for it, I bought all the bottles they had on the shelf! I use it a lot. The only thing I dislike, is the small bottles. I would love to be able to purchase larger containers and use this on small home decor or furniture pieces.
Deco Art One Step Crackle is easy to use, too. After painting a first layer of acrylic paint, I take a smooth, flat brush and apply it on top of the first layer in single strokes. Try to not go back over a first stroke, or it may not crackle in that spot. If you missed a spot, you can simply wait for it to dry and go back to do that spot later. After the surface has completely dried, you should be able to see the cracks. At this point, I pic a color I want the cracks to show (I usually choose brown, cream, or black) and mix it (acrylic the way) with a bit of Golden or Liquitex acrylic varnish, I wipe the mix onto the surface with a small sponge, making sure to push the color into the cracks. I keep another sponge that is damp, and some paper towel, around to wipe off any paint that may sit on the top of the piece (not in the cracks). I will post a pic later...I am being called to dinner by Happy crafting!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sale on Artist Gallery Wrapped Canvas at Michael's

No coupon needed on this one! The sale ends at close on Sat., Aug. 20th. Buy one, get a second one for 1 cent! So, basically, it's like a 50% off sale. This would be a great time to stock up! Click HERE to see this and other promos that end on Saturday. Happy creating! ~ Lori Ramotar

Antique woman on pocket perfume compact

It's Friday! We have a busy weekend ahead of us, after a very busy week. I am going to post and run, to see if I can get ahead on things. After 2 weeks of dealing with car repairs (turned out to be the alternator) I have gotten behind in my business posting new art and jewelry to my website, and Etsy. Yesterday, I spent about 3 hours doing photo editing and resizing...until my arm hurt too much to continue. Anywho, here is a really cool lady from the cover of a purse sized perfume compact. I believe it is from Spain. Hope you like her! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The war of the spray paints: Krylon VS. Rustoleum

They say that we learn from our mistakes, and today, I hope to pass on some knowledge to you. I wish I would have done some more research before buying my first choice of spray paint. I had a few metal items I wished to spray paint a light ivory, for a shabby chic feel. We have this color of trim on our Victorian style home. My projects consisted of a small birdcage, a metal filigree round stand (that I plan to use as a base for my bird bath), and a metal filigree wall decor piece. I had two bottles of Krylon, and both specified they were appropriate for outdoor or indoor use, and on metal surfaces. The Krylon bottle spattered big drops of drippy paint, bubbled on the surface, and didn't provide good coverage. I had plastic gloves on, but the messiness ended in my hands being covered with the stuff. I tried soap, pumice, nail polish remover, hair spray, lotion, and oil to get it off. I actually had to go to my husband's dental practice and use some heavy duty chemical to get it off.
After that failed attempt, I headed to my local craft store. I was informed, after discussion with an associate, that Krylon was not preferred, and most people (including herself) preferred Rustoleum. I got some and was excited to try it. It was fabulous! It went on evenly, didn't run or drip, and had great coverage. I was able to cover up the mess made by the Krylon, and my projects were saved. So, my advice is to stick with Rustoleum. Krylon makers: you REALLY need to work on your paint formulation and fix that messy nozzle. Seriously....I'm not kidding.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fabulous antique sailor girl from a 1920 song sheet cover

Monday flew by, and Tuesday is already here! Here is a wonderful, large piece of clip art I found of a sailor girl/woman that was on a 1920 song sheet cover. Isn't she fabulous! I have had short hair for ages, and love seeing all the short hairstyles the ladies of the 20's had. It was considered rebellious back then. Hope you enjoy it!