Thursday, October 20, 2011

(Crickets Chirping...)

Sorry for the random silence here on my blog. I got very bogged down working on filling up my vendor space at a local antique store, was preparing (and still am) for an art show this
Sat., and then I ended up in the hospital last week. I had chest pains and went into the ER, where they said my heart rate was too high, so they kept me overnight. It was my first time doing so, and boy was I glad to go home the next day. They found a "lesion" on my adrenal gland, so now I have more tests to take. I am trying to stay positive, and keep myself busy. I am prone to being a worry wart. So, please forgive me for my failed daily post attempt. I hope to resume again soon!

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  1. I stumbled on to your blog as a result of a random search for mixed media artists. After viewing the page I landed on, I hit "HOME" to see the main page of Thrifty Artist. Saw this post from two years ago - your last - and considering the theme of the post, wondered if there was a reason for that. After Googling your name, I see you are alive, well and still thriving with your art making process (and yes, I looked for more recent dates!). Glad you are still with us! --Joy (